Why Does My Water Stink?

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Hydrogen sulfide generally gives well water the characteristic of smelling like a rotten egg. It is highly unpleasant as it causes a rotten taste and odor. There are problems associated with hydrogen sulfide and here are the most common.
Hydrogen sulfide gas in well water is caused by the mineral “sulphate” being converted to a “sulfide” which occurs as the result of a bacteria that causes this change of the mineral.  Sulfides combine with hydrogen to produce the foul rotten egg smelling gas hydrogen sulfide.

Sulfate reducing bacteria are not harmful to human health, but the hydrogen sulfide gas potentially is.  It is one of the most hated, disliked and objectionable contaminants in well water. The rotten egg smell can make the simple and frequent uses of water annoying to unbearable.  The sulfate reducing bacteria however form a slime which inhabits plumbing systems.  It typically forms on the inside diameter of plumbing shown in the photo below.

Any well water at any depth of well can produce this gas.  We have had applications of severe contamination that occurred after decades of “no smell” from the water.  Even low levels of H2S can quickly change to become very high levels virtually overnight.

Nations Pure has developed the most effective technology ever used in the treatment of hydrogen sulfide for well owners.

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