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Dirt In Well Water

Nations Pure Water Systems Can Solve Dirt in Your Well WaterAlmost any well will have some form of dirt in the water. Just look in the back of the toilet tank and it is not uncommon to see evidence of dirt debris. Like all suspended solids, this material is a candidate for filtration. The problem of suspended dirt (dirt that does not settle) is that it creates a water condition that is known as turbidity. Turbid waters will have so much material suspended in the water that it actually can make the water cloudy or opaque. The water will appear cloudy and stay cloudy even after it has been allowed to settle in a glass or container for a considerable amount of time. New wells often will have this form of dirt or suspended materials but after running the water to “clear it” the turbid aspect of the water goes away. Lake sourced water is also frequently turbid. 

Well water is considered problematic when the water is constantly and relentlessly turbid. Wells that are turbid will also pulsate to a degree or turn clear and then return to the turbid state. Water in this condition is unusable in any meaningful way for domestic use. The particles of mud have become so small that they form an ionic bond to the water molecule itself and thus the dirt will never clear apart from treatment.

There comes a point when there is no hope that the water will clear on its own and it is time to turn towards a permanent solution. Call us today or click here to learn how you can have clear, clean water in your home.

What our Customers are saying about their well water...
Our water was so muddy from our well, for our new home, we couldn't consider taking a bath in it. Your outstanding solution to this problem was absolutely effective. I did not ever think we could ever get rid of this mud as it would not even settle in a glass or sink. Now it is clear as a “bell” and we are enjoying our water.
Seagoville TX


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