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Dirt, sand, and Suspended Solids

Almost any well will have some form of dirt in the water.

“Well water may very possibly have suspended solids in water.  Suspended solids in water are defined as any solid that is not dissolved.  This can and does include dirt, sand and sometimes iron.  Dirt, proper, can range in particle size from very large to exceptionally small.  When it leaves evidence of its presence.  This can include debris evidenced in plumbing fixtures, appliance filters clothes and aerators.  It also, in the case of exceptionally small mud particles, make the water murky and less than clear.

Nations Pure has a range of solutions available that can directly address the particular suspended solid. On-site observation is the key to identifying the exact nature of the issue and then determining the best solution!


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How do I know if I have dirt, sand, and suspended solids in well water?

Aside from testing the water, there are a few questions you can ask yourself about your experience with the water to determine if you may have dissolved mineral content.

  • Does your skin feel dry, gritty, or squeaky while you wash?
  • Is it difficult or require a lot of soap to work up a lather?
  • Do your dishes have spots on them?
  • Does your laundry require copious amounts of detergent?
  • Does your laundry come out feeling stiff or heavy?
  • Do you see rock-like material in the aerators on the faucet heads?
  • Do you find rings forming in the toilet bowl or bathtub?
  • Are you replacing coffee pots, cooking water, or appliances frequently?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of these questions you likely have dissolved mineral content in your water. To find out more specifics concerning your water composition and how to address this issue call us today!


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