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The PANAMAX System name derives its roots from the Latin terms “Pan” meaning all and “Max” meaning to the fullest. Nation’s Pure Water Systems refers to this product by this name because of its wide range of water treatment capabilities for problems frequently found in well water.

  • Scale Deposits
  • Iron in Water
  • Dirt
  • Combination of water Problems

To determine if the PANAMAX is the solution for your water treatment needs, testing the water is the first step.

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What our Customers are Saying

“Had very good experiences with the system. Water is soft and the drinking water is very good and odor and taste free. System is working as it should. ”

Carrie HarmonOak Leaf, TX

“I have a high salt water well in central Texas that is 1/3 of the way to actual sea water in terms of salt content. Worse, the water from this well also contains iron and hydrogen sulfide. The water is unbearable without treatment. We had contracted two different companies to correct this water and both failed. Finally, we found Nation’s Pure. Their understanding of our well chemistry problems was immediately obvious and their approach was effective and professional. Moreover, the technicians who performed our equipment installation were head and shoulders better skilled and knowledgeable than crews from prior companies who had tried and failed to correct my water.

Today, I have true bottled water quality water throughout my entire home. Our drinking water is perfect! The salt, iron, and hydrogen sulfide are completely gone. Our water is similar to a virgin mountain stream, or even rainwater. I strongly recommend this company, Nation’s Pure!”

Delbert BlackCentral, TX

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