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PureMax Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pure-Max Reverse Osmosis Whole House Water System from Nation's Pure Water SystemsNation’s Pure features true Whole House Water Purity with our 1500 to 10,000 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis units for well water. Applications range from desalinization to simply supplying the ultimate in pure water without compromise.

These systems form the heart of the only true SALT FREE TECHNOLOGY, producing not only soft water throughout the home, but pure water as well - without using salt!

Concerns about long lists of contaminants, still in the water after most treatments, simply are not a concern with the Whole House Reverse Osmosis Purification solution.

The PUREMAX is powerful. 
The PUREMAX removes salt content in water.
The PUREMAX eliminates scale.
The PUREMAX produces SAFE, PURE, FRESH water.

The level of cleanliness in your home is always determined by the level of purity of the water in your home.  Pure, truly pure water will immediately affect your skin, hair, clothes, every counter top, bathroom fixture, faucet and appliance in the home. It affects all your beverages, fruits, vegetables, pastas or any other edible item water touches. 

Can you imagine drinking pure water from ANY and every faucet in your home with the same confidence one might have drinking the finest bottled water now available? Can you imagine water for your family you KNOW is free from chemicals? Mineral deposits become a thing of the past. Smells, odors and stains are eliminated. No salt and no chemicals; just pure water.

That is PUREMAX; the end of water treatment.  Contact us today to find out more and how you may benefit from a PUREMAX for your home.

What our customers are saying about their well water...

I have a high salt water well in central Texas that is 1/3 of the way to actual sea water in terms of salt content.  Worse, the water from this well also contains iron and hydrogen sulfide.  The water is unbearable without treatment.  We had contracted two different companies to correct this water and both failed.  Finally, we found Nation’s Pure.  Their understanding of our well chemistry problems was immediately obvious and their approach was effective and professional.  Moreover, the technicians who performed our equipment installation were head and shoulders better skilled and knowledgeable than crews from prior companies who had tried and failed to correct my water.

Today, I have true bottled water quality water throughout my entire home.  Our drinking water is perfect!  The salt, iron, and hydrogen sulfide are completely gone.  Our water is similar to a virgin mountain stream, or even rainwater.  I strongly recommend this company, Nation’s Pure!
Central, TX

We have had your system for close to 2 years and it has been fantastic. Recently our area had an extreme amount of rain and people in Hayes county were told to boil their water. I decided to have our water checked out by an independent water testing lab.  I tested the RO water and the well water. We had a positive for e-coli and coliform in the well water and nothing in the RO water. The neighborhood was so surprised that a lot of people had their water tested and asked about the RO system.  Thank you Nations Pure!
Central TX


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