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High Solids - Salt in Well Water

Salt In Well WaterWater can be classified by the amount of TDS per liter.

T.D.S. represents the term Total Dissolved Solids. It represents all the dissolved mineral content in water.  A great deal of problems result from the type of dissolved solids in water but there comes a point where the dissolved solids in and of themselves are the problem. Total dissolved solids may contain water hardness, but waters of this type also often contain plenty of sodium, chlorides, carbonates and sulfates.

They become a problem first because they cause corrosion.  Water that is hard may be softened but that does not positively affect the dissolved solids. So, the water may be softened but remain corrosive.  In very high dissolved solid water that is also hard, softening is a poor choice for treatment.  In fact, water may be treated in any number of ways that does not affect corrosively high TDS water.  One cannot just look at the water and know what the TDS is.  It must be tested with credible equipment designed for the task. 
Evidence of high solids in well water includes:

  • Usual Water Treatment solutions fail to make a difference.
  • Corrosion on pipes
  • Blue green stains on pipes or faucets
  • Intense filming
  • Coffee makers go out frequently
  • Deposits form
  • Water seems acidic as a result of corrosion
  • Plants fail to flourish

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