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Sand Separators and Traps

Water Sand Separators and Water Sand Traps from Nation's Pure Water SystemsWhen sand is a problem in your well water, consider the once-for-all solutions that Nation’s Pure Water Systems offers.

Sand Separators
The Nation’s Pure Sand Separators are a carbon steel constructed product line that removes sand, silt and grit particles that settle in the water within 3 minutes or less. Effective sand removal prevents premature replacement of appliances and other water treatment equipment as well as protects your home from abrasive wear and clogging.

Sand Traps
The Nation’s Pure Sand Trap is a unique method of removing sand which uses no moving parts. Using the flow of the water and gravity, this product employs the use of an internal swirling chamber and then forces the water through a diverting plate. This process allows heavier particles to settle to the bottom of the tank for blow down. There is no backwashing required, no electricity, and no filters or cartridges to replace.


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