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Assuring the water coming into
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These are some of the most common problems that we solve.



These are some of the most common problems that we solve.

Smelly Water

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- 100% Effective and Immediate Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide/Rotten Egg Smell from water
- Chemical Free Permanent Solution
- Money Back Guaranteed Results
- We Get the Job Done Right

Well owners and well water users across Texas are familiar with and often suffer with the classic “Rotten Egg” Smell wells can produce. That smell is caused by a sulfate-reducing bacterium coupled with a common mineral, sulfates. The result is Hydrogen Sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is a volatile, noxious gas with corrosive properties. Contamination levels may quickly and without notice increase dramatically, changing a nuisance to a major problem. Left unattended it may degrade metal components throughout the home. It varies in odor from a classic rotten egg smell a decaying or rotting odor in the water. At Nation’s Pure, we specialize in the permanent removal of the hydrogen sulfide contamination odors from your home. No matter your level of concentration, great or small, we will get the job done.

Scale in Water

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Have you ever been in a Cave? Do you recall the stalactites and stalagmites? That is water hardness. It got into the cave the same way it gets into your home-it is dissolved in the water. When we say the term “dissolved” we are referring to the same condition or relationship sugar has in water. We all know one could put a full pound of sugar in a quart of water and it would not be visible, because it is dissolved. It (the sugar) is not visible but the full pound of sugar could be measured on a scale with the water. That is the very same condition of hardness or scale in water.

Water Safety and Purity

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A question we routinely get asked while performing tests at customer locations is “the water safe”? That is a great and important question. The fact is there are hundreds of contaminants that can be deemed hazardous in water. A single test will not identify them all. Moreover, exhaustive testing results in information about the containment status for a single point in time. The water is constantly changing so the practicality of resolving “safety” can be elusive. Nations Pure has VERY effective solutions for insuring safety and purity of drinking and or household water. Ask your Analyst about our many very effective options!

Iron in Water

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Iron is a common mineral found in well waters throughout the area. It presents itself in a non-visible form (dissolved) but then shortly upon drawing from the water source changes to a solid form commonly called “rust stains” or “iron stains”. It is one of the most disliked minerals in water because of its ability to cause excessive cleaning and damages to appliances, plumbing, hair, skin, and laundry. Nations Pure has 5 different technologies to remove iron from water. Which of the 5 is the best way to do it depends on the overall chemistry of the water and the application itself.

Dirt, Sand, Visible Solids

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One of the first issues with sand is properly identifying it as sand. Sand is silicon-dioxide. It is the same sand one will find on most beaches by the ocean. Dirt, soil or even suspended iron particles are often confused with sand or categorized improperly as sand. Sand is an extremely heavy and abrasive material and it can damage the home’s plumbing.

High Dissolved Solids

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Water can be classified by the amount of TDS per liter. Brackish water 1000 to 10,000 mg/L TDS Saline water 10,000 to 30,000 mg/L TDS T.D.S. represents the term Total Dissolved Solids. It represents all the dissolved mineral content in water. A great deal of problems result from the type of dissolved solids in water but there comes a point where the dissolved solids in and of themselves are the problem.

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Our water was hard, caused iron stains and also had a constant sulfur smell. On top of that we had terrible water pressure. Nation’s Pure not only solved the water problems but we also have city like pressure all the time. The Nation’s Pure system is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Pamela Holland


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“We have had your system for close to 2 years and it has been fantastic. Recently our area had an extreme amount of rain and people in Hayes county were told to boil their water. I decided to have our water checked out by an independent water testing lab. I tested the RO water and the well water. We had a positive for e-coli and coliform in the well water and nothing in the RO water. The neighborhood was so surprised that a lot of people had their water tested and asked about the RO system. Thank you Nations Pure!”

Janice ReeseWeatherford, TX

“Our Nation's Pure Crew of Eric, Chris and Mike just finished our install. What an excellent job, including the concrete cutting to run the lines correctly. So Happy with our new system. Can't say enough about Brad Davis who sold us on the product, before he sold us the system. So grateful to have this new system on our lakefront home complex.”

Kevin SchaferAustin, TX

“Looked at a lot of companies before selecting Nations Pure and now I know it was the right choice. I’ve been a customer for over a year now and I can say that all departments from sales to install to service are all great.”

Rodney WilkinsAledo, TX

“The technician, Matthew, was very prompt, knowledgeable and friendly. He did a very good job installing our Reverse Osmosis system. We are very happy with his work.”

Arnie BarnesAustin, TX